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Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing a Camper Trailer


Australia is a land of endless horizons, and is the ideal country to explore with your family, and the perfect Camper Trailer. To withstand all the weather conditions we’re subjected to in this beautiful country of ours, your camper trailer needs to be constructed from top-quality materials.


The most popular design, which has increased Camper Trailer Sales exponentially in the last few years, is the Camper Trailer with canvas tent. The most practical of all the options, the tented Camper Trailers are easy to assemble, and even easier to maintain; making them the perfect choice for those who wish to spend their time actually enjoying their camping holiday!


When looking for a safe and sturdy camper trailer for your next family holiday, these are some of the things you consider:


Ball Weight. This is also known as the Tow Ball Mass and is the maximum weight allowed on the tow ball.Choose from the many camper trailers on offer and select one which is suitable to your car make and model. As a general rule, between 10 and 15% of the trailer weight should be on the hitch. Too much weight will make the trailer unstable and difficult to control, while too little weight can make the trailer sway and that too can be difficult to control.

Bearings. Ball bearings may be small in size, but are huge on performance and safety. Make sure you service your camper trailer when required, and look for signs of bearing wear and tear. It is also imperative to know how often the bearings must be greased.

Battery. Another imperative component of a camper trailer is the battery it uses to operate. Get familiar with your trailer battery and know how, and when, to charge it. Confirm which kind of battery you’ll need, whether it will be a deep cycle or heavy duty. Make sure you know which cables to use when charging your battery and how long it takes to charge it fully.


Brakes. Will your camper trailer have a mechanical, electric or hydraulic braking system? While each serves its own purpose, for off-road driving we think that an electric brake system, which can be easily controlled by the driver, is by far the best and safest option. Make sure you know when, and how, to adjust your brakes.

Chassis. The very frame of your trailer is, of course, the very basis of its sturdiness and safety. You should find out if the chassis is galvanized or painted, and what material it made of.

Suspension. There are various suspension set ups available for you to choose form. The suspension is the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages which will ensure minimal wear and tear of you camper trailer chassis. Choose the one that’s right for you and your intended driving conditions. No need to go overboard if you only intend camping around cities; and likewise, don’t save money on your suspension if you’re planning on a lot of off-road driving. Inadequate suspension will cost you big bucks in the long run.

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