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Camper Trailer Driving Skills


Driving with a camper trailer is not as easy as it sounds. Just about every driving skill is affected, and you need to be able to compensate for the extra weight and length of your conjoined vehicles. Luckily, this isn’t so hard to learn! Take a few precautions and you could be well on your way to having a wonderful and hassle-free camper trailer holiday.
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The Planning
Taking a holiday with your beloved camper trailer takes a little more planning than usual. You need to think about where you’re headed, your intended route and how long you plan to be away. Having all those details sorted out before you leave home means you won’t need to make any unscheduled stops along the way (to shop for food or ask for directions) thus decreasing your time on the road.
The Timing
You need to get this down to a fine art; easier said than done when packing the trailer, the family, the dog and everything in between. But it will be well worth your while to hit the road in the early morning. Most people are at their most alert before lunchtime and, considering your level of concentration will be heightened, you need to be well rested and prepared for all eventualities. Moreover, the moment you’re out of the city your chances of crossing a kangaroo’s path are quite high. Since they tend to sleep from 9am to about 3pm, plan to be doing most of your driving (if not all) during these hours. Let them hop around in peace, when you’re safely at your intended destination.
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The Driving
Apart from a higher level of concentration, there are also specific things you can do to avoid running into dangerous situations.
When driving a car, it is often said that a gap of about 3 seconds (from the car in front of you) is a safe distance to be driving at. If pulling a camper trailer however, you need to almost double that. Problems arise when other drivers see your safe distance as a gap, and swiftly proceed to change lanes in front of you. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself constantly breaking, trying to get back your precious 6 second gap!
The patience you will need to enjoy your trip, and arrive safely at your destination, will be considerable. Many drivers get frustrated when they get ‘stuck’ behind a car with a camper trailer; but let that be their problem not yours! After all…you’re on holidays! Unfortunately though, frustration can make usually safe drivers do really silly things, like weaving in and out of lanes and scissoring to get that half an inch further. Do yourself (and your loved ones) a huge favour and just relax, slow down and enjoy the drive.
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The Unexpected Emergencies
Should anything happen to your vehicle while you’re on a highway, make sure you pull over only where it is perfectly safe to, and keep everyone inside the car at all times. Put on your hazard lights and place your safety triangle a safe distance behind your trailer. Next, call for assistance and then simply sit back and wait. Should your breakdown/flat tyre etc have added considerable time to your travels, don’t be tempted to drive after the sun sets to still reach your destination. Your safety will be highly compromised when driving in the dark.
The beauty of travelling with a camper trailer is that you can stop anywhere, at any time, and have a perfectly comfortable night’s sleep. Look for a suitable place to stop for the night, and continue your journey the next day.

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