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Full-Off Road Standard Camper Trailer with 25m2 Tent

If you’re looking for high quality Australian made camper trailer thats doesn't compromise quality for the sake of price then you’ve come to the right place.

You hear the horror stories about Chinese imported trailers falling apart on the first trip spoiling the family holiday and embarrassing its owner in front of their family and mates. What most buyers don't know is that the true cost comes when it arrives and you get it checked out by a mechanic and they’re shocked at the poor quality and the cost it takes to fix it. And sometimes its just not worth fixing.

Our mission here at My Camper Trailer is to ensure you get a high quality Australian made camper trailer that comes without the hassle and cost that is a massive frustration for so many who unknowingly purchase imported camper trailers.

We know that many distributors do this because of the price and we know personally because we get approached by Chinese manufacturers all the time. Its not worth it. Always ask the distributor where they get their camper trailers from!

It won’t happen to you as our trailers are all made locally and meet all required Australian and New Zealand standards. The headaches and the stories we’ve heard just don’t justify the price of imported camper trailers and thats how we have become the #1 online camper trailer superstore.

My Camper Trailer On Road Camper Trailer TentMy Camper Trailer is Australia’s online superstore for camper trailers.

Non-bias advice on campers that you won’t get anywhere else.

We only offer high quality Australian made camper trailers, so you can rest assured your brand new toy is as tough as it gets.

If you are like me, you like to have the best price but you don’t want to compromise on the quality. I think the same way and that is exactly what I had in mind while putting the selection of trailers together that you can see here on my website.


This camper trailer comes with a full 2 year parts and labour warranty. Pick up available from our manufacturer in Sydney or see below in our shipping section if we can deliver it to your door. Home delivery is not a service we can provide to all cities just yet but we have depots in all major capital cities to ensure you can pick up your camper trailer no matter where you are.


As our superstore grows as new Australian camper trailer manufacturers come on board, we'd love to hear feedback from you. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, feedback or comments in regards to My Camper Trailer products.

Certain videos and images show optional accessories that do not come with the base camper itself but can be purchased. See the accessories list below for more information about the optional extras.

What to go off-road without the fear that your trailer with fall apart but also on a budget that won’t break the bank? Look no further because this Australian made off road camper trailer will take you anywhere you want to go. A weekend away.. no problem.. a trek around Australia.. piece of cake. Its built to last, its lightweight and can be towed by your standard medium to large family cards, SUV’s and 4wd vehicles. This model is our basic specification but you can beef it up to ensure you have everything you need and more importantly exactly what you want for your next camping trip!

The Trailer

  • 100% Australian built
  • Full RHS box frame chassis thats built to last
  • 7' x 4' (2100mm x 1200mm) trailer size with high sides
  • Hammer tone paint finish for rust and scratch proof resistance. This finish is built to last in the australian outback and it holds its resale value dues to its lasting non rusting quality and durability.
  • New 15” 1000kg rated alloy wheels
  • Brand new all terrain 235/75 R15 Off Road Tyres
  • Land Cruiser 6 Stud Hubs
  • 7 Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
  • Wind down corner steady stabilising legs to ensure your camper trailer is rock solid while its up.
  • Quick release fold up Jockey Wheel
  • 1 x jerry can holder
  • 1 x gas bottle holder
  • Side opening lockable Tailgate with the potential for full stainless steel or powder coated kitchen add on
  • Quality PVC dust and waterprrof camper cover with velcro and zips
  • Trailer Base Completely Sealed Prior to Painting to Reduce Water/ Dust Entry and rust
  • And much more!


The Tent

My Camper Trailer Blue Tongue On Road Camper Trailer Tent - Left
Side Open


The camper trailer tent is made to our custom design and styles to exceed to your expectations. The canvas used on the roof of your Camper is a Silver Coated 475gsm (14 Oz) blended cotton canvas. In a similar process to the 475 gsm (14Oz) wall fabric this fabric is treated further to provide 800mm hydrostatic water head and maintains the same level of breathability. After weaving the fabric is rolled under pressure to accept the silver coating that blocks out more than 98% of UV radiation and heat. The technology used in this protective coating has been developed to provide a level of finish is rarely used in a canvas product.

This 2012 model has new upgraded features and a fly included that has treated with the same Silver Coating as the roof canvas to provide excellent heat resistance. 

  • Huge 18’ x 15’ Camper trailer tent covering 25m2
  • Sleeps 8 or more or just plenty of living room
  • Quality 14oz rip stop canvas and heavy duty zippers
  • Sewn in PVC 450g/m2 sealed floor to main tent area
  • 3 Piece annex walls for easy install/versatile configuration
  • Awning floor sealed and detachable with Velcro
  • Detachable annex roof with zipper and Velcro
  • Windows with self supporting rain shields(guide ropes supplied for use in windy conditions only)
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Pegs and guide ropes included
  • Selected windows with 1/2 clear PVC & 1/2 mesh.
  • 18mm marine grade plywood base with steel framing with access to trailer via a trap door and power cord access zipper
  • Quality PVC dust proof and waterproof camper cover with Velcro and zip
  • Bed 1: 175 x 230cm, bed 2: 360 x 230cm, kitchen/living: 535 x 240cm
  • In a choice of 2 Great Colours - Blue/ Beige or Dark Grey/ Light Grey

The Features and Free Extras

Huge 18’ x 15’ Camper trailer tent covering 25m2

This huge tent can sleep 8 or just gives a great amount of living space. We decided that we wanted to make the standard tent size as big as it needed to be for the standard australian family without the need to get any additional annexes. Having the perfect size as part of the trailer means that you only have to fold it out and your done without having to spend additional time putting up attaching extra rooms. If you do require extra space because your travelling with friends and family you always have that option too.

Hammer tone paint finish

Hammer Tone Finish

The hammer tone finish is a paint that forms a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish. It's a must to ensure your camper stays in top notch condition free from scratches and the rust that follows.


1x Gas Bottle Ring

Gas Bottle Ring

This camper can be optioned with a 2nd gas bottle ring so you can travel into the Australian outback for days on end before coming back to refill. Each gas bottle ring will hold a 4.5ltr gas bottle.

1x Jerry Can Holder

Extra Jerry Can holder

The same is true for our Jerry can holders. If your planning to head out for a long trip away from the city lights, this option is for you. Have your trailer secure the jerry can so you have more room in the back of your vehicle.

Detachable ladder for main bed access

Detachable Ladder

This simple yet necessary extra is just a must have convenience to make your camping experience that little bit more hassle free.

Generous 10cm mattress


We’ve thrown in a generous 10cm mattress so that you have all the necessities included

All tent stress areas have additional reinforcing

Tent additional reinforcing

We wanted to ensure that any possible stress point on the tent was covered and additionally reinforced so that you have peace of mind on your holiday that no rips, tears or leakages could rain on your parade.

Heavy Duty Trailer Cover

My Camper Trailer Blue Tongue Off Road Camper Traile

All blue tongue camper trailers come with Quality PVC dust proof and waterproof camper covers.

LED trailer lights

LED trailer lights This simple yet necessary extra is just a must have convenience to make your camping experience that little bit more hassle free.

Tent Layout

Tent Layout

  • Manufacturer Blue Tongue Campers
  • Manufacturer Location Sydney, NSW
  • Build Time (weeks) 1 week
  • Weight 420 kg
  • ATM 750 kg (1350 kg with brakes)
  • Built in 100% Australia Made
  • Trailer Specification
  • Trailer Size 7x4
  • High Sides yes
  • Dimensions (metres) 3.9Lx1.7Wx1.3H
  • Chassis 50x50x3mm SHS sub frame
  • Drawer Bar 100x50x3mm RHS drawer bar
  • Coupling Quick release 50mm
  • Wheels New 15” High Load rated alloy wheels
  • Tyres New all terrain 235/75 R15 Off Road Tyres
  • Hubs Landcruiser 6 stud hubs
  • Brakes Optional
  • Axel 40mm Square Heavy Duty Axel
  • Suspension 7 leaf springs
  • Suspension Options ALKO 7 leaf Eye to Eye Off Road springs
  • Corner steadies - wind down yes
  • Corner steadies - ALKO Premium Drop Down with Big Foot™ Optional
  • Jockey Wheel Quick Release Fold Up
  • Tailgate Side Opening Lockable
  • Paint Type Hammertone Light Grey
  • Colours Blue/ Beige, Dark Grey/ Light Grey
  • Camper Cover Quality PVC dust proof and waterproof camper cover with Velcro and zip
  • Jerry Can Holder Yes
  • Additional Jerry Can Holder Yes
  • Gas bottle holder 1x 4.5kg gas bottles
  • Additional Gas bottle holder Optional
  • Lockable Storage Box Optional Draw bar mounted Aluminium Tool box
  • Upright spare wheel mount yes
  • Spare Wheel and Tyre Optional Extra
  • Automotive Seals Optional Extra
  • Gas struts, stainless steel piano hinge and lockable over centre latches to tent bed base Optional Extra
  • Brakes and Indicator Lights LED
  • Trailer Base Completely Sealed Prior to Painting to Reduce Water/ Dust Entry and rust yes
  • Tent Specification
  • Dimensions 18'x 15'
  • Area 25m2
  • No of people it sleeps 8
  • Room sizes Bed 1: 175 x 230cm, bed 2: 360 x 230cm, kitchen/living: 535 x 240cm
  • Canvas Quality14oz rip stop canvas - all stress areas have been additionally reinforced
  • Canvas Zippers Heavy Duty
  • Sealed Floor Main Tent Area - Sewn in PVC 450g/m2
  • Annex 3 piece annex walls
  • Annex Roof Detachable with Zipper and Velcro
  • Awning Floor sealed and detachable with Velcro
  • Windows Self supporting rain shields with guiding ropes supplied for windy conditions - selected windows with 1/2 clear pvc and 1/2 mesh
  • Main bed 18mm marine grade plywood base with steel framing - Includes 10cm mattress and detachable ladder for access
  • Storage Internal Pockets
  • Pegs and guide ropes Included
  • Access to Trailer via a trap door and power cord
  • Protective Solar Fly yes
  • Fold out step ladder yes
  • Side Slide out drawer 125kg rated for fridge/ freezer and extra storage for generator. NA
  • Water Tank Optional Extra
  • Kitchen Optional Extra

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