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Emu Off Road Camper Trailer

The ideal companion to the more adventurous campers, the EMU Off Road Camper Trailer is ready to take on the open road...no matter where you want to go. Add a Quick Erect 9/15 or Family 12/18 tent and you and your family can enjoy the comforts of home even in the most rugged outback destinations.
Easy to tow and manoeuvre in mud or sand, this trailer includes a spacious toolbox fitted to the front drawbar for even more storage of your tools, spare parts, generator or camping equipment.

Constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel, and boasting a vast array of included benefits, this baby will gift you years of fun and adventurous explorations.


Certain videos and images show optional accessories that do not come with the base camper itself but can be purchased. See the accessories list below for more information about the optional extras.

The Trailer

  • Measures a nifty 2100mm x 1200mm x 520mm...that's a whole lot of comfort for not a lot of space
  • With a tare weight of only 360kgs, this trailer does a tough job on dirt roads, yet is still lightweight.
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel construction for durability and strength
  • 2m long drawbar makes towing a breeze and allows for optional extras to be carried up front
  • Completely sealed tailgate keeps all your trailer contents free from dust and water
  • Included Kitchen with stainless steel sink, lockable cabinet with drawer, hand pump and 80 ltr water tank
  • Lockable water filter included
  • 2 x Jerry can and 2 x 4.5kg gas bottle holders are standard
  • 5 leaf shackle suspension for a smoother ride; wider yet thinner leafs reduce rattling of your precious contents
  • Full width front and rear gussets for added strength
  • Full width side steps with added mudguards
  • Diamond T aluminium TOOL BOX with gas struts included
  • Tilted bed base with gas struts for easy and effortless access to your camper trailer
  • 2 x wind down support legs to stabilise the trailer when not attached to the vehicle
  • Reinforced and velcroed travel cover keeps your contents safe and dry
  • Included tie down points for easy attachment of canoe, surfboard or small boat
  • Swing out tailgate which locks in place for easy cooking and washing up
  • LED Lights on rear gussets for safe driving and indicating, also giving more ground clearance
  • 50mm ball coupling
  • Many optional extras available, including a tool box upgrade, stainless steel kitchen and much more...
  • Spare Wheel included, with a nifty upright holding construction on the drawbar to save on storage space
  • 24 Month warranty on the off-road camper trailer...for peace of mind

The Tent

My Camper Trailer Emu On Road Camper Trailer Tent - Left Side Open

Got a couple of minutes? GREAT! That's all it will take you to erect this ingenious tent. Well...they don't call it 'quick erect tent' for nothing.

Built specifically for the humid and wet conditions of our tropical north, this 9ft tent is made of top-quality canvas and boasts a built-in Tropical Roof and extra high head room. Ideal for couples or small families, this tent will gift invaluable protected space for all your camping adventures. The included extras, like a inner spring mattress, ventilation flaps and strong poles (to stop your tent flying off during strong winds) make this one of the most popular tents on the market. A convenient rain hood allows for the air to circulate without ever fearing an internal downpour; and a sun-fly will keep the sun off your 'bedroom' all day long, helping to keep the tent cool and comfy.

But don't take our word for it! Just have a look at all the included extras:



  • Tented area covering 2.6m X 2.3m
  • Optional rear room for added parental privacy, or to keep the kids (or pets) nice and close
  • Extra annex adds a spacious 4.7m X 2.3m...that's a potential 27 m² of space!
  • High roof (up to 2.6m) reduces the temperature by approx 8 degrees!


  • Inner spring mattress (2.3m x 1.75m - near king size) and aluminium ladder for extra comfort
  • Midgey, mosquito and fly proof mesh
  • 6 built-in storage pouches included
  • Sun-fly keeps the sun off the bedroom all day long, perfect for that after-lunch siesta in the middle of the day


  • Gas struts help make this a super-fast tent to erect
  • Heavy duty zippers and Velcro is used to keep the tent perfectly sealed
  • Mould and UV resistant canvas, perfect for the muggy regions
  • Reinforced and self-repairing zippers...the dream of all campers
  • Sturdy 440g/m2 (15+oz) canvas for the roof and awning; 450g/m2 PVC for the tent floor, and 200g/m2 HD PE for the awning floor
  • Poles made from galvanized carbon steel
  • Window covers help rain water drain away and not collect


Trailer Features and Free Extras

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped GalvanisedThe ultimate protection against rust and corrosion, the hot-dipped galvanised chassis and body will withstand anything you throw it's way! Made with off road driving in mind, keeping it safe from scratches, rust and corrosion.



Off road Specifications

Built specifically for the harsh driving conditions of off-road explorations, the 50 x 50 x 5 fully welded and hot-dipped galvanised chassis will withstand corrosion, rust and excessive wear and tear. The 2m long drawbar allows for easy manoeuvring on sand or mud, and the 45mm round axle provides extra strength and durability.


Drawbar Length – 2.0m

2.0m drawbarExtra long and extra strong, the 2m drawbar allows for the option of carrying a toolbox, as well as the option of adding a stone guard, to help protect your trailer from stone chips and general damage when taking it off-road.



Full Gussets front and rear
stone guardThe addition of strengthening gussets both at the front and rear of the trailer allow for side steps to be fitted to the full width of the trailer AND help protect it from stone chips and damage when driving off-road. Added LED lights on the rear gussets improve ground clearance of your trailer.


Full Width Steps Front and Rear

rear full wide stepGiving you even easier access to the contents of your trailer, you'll be safe in knowing the trailer steps will withstand your weight no matter how many sausages you grilled on your camping trip!









Tilt Bed Base with Gas Struts -std Off Road & Extreme

gas strutsEnjoy the convenience of being able to access your trailer with gas struts that effortlessly lift the trailer top. It makes accessing the trailer easier, and can be done by anyone on their own. Access your gear swiftly and with ease for added camping convenience.


  Spare Wheel on upright wheel carrier

spare wheelFunctionally designed spare wheel vertical carrier, allows for easy access and extra space to carry a tool box.





Quality 'Nitrite Rubber' Seals

quality nitrit rubberThe rear door, bed base frame and tool box lid are fitted with top-quality rubber seals to prevent dust, and water, from getting in. A separate seal for the tailgate to the bed base allows the tent to be completely independent of the tailgate, also taking the weight of the tear of the tent off the tailgate.


Kitchen Cabinet Stainless Steel Sink and hand pump

kitchen cabinetStainless steel, smooth line design means this kitchen is easier to keep clean and hygienic. Hand pump plugs directly into your chosen water tank and there is additional bench space and lockable cabinets for safe and easy storage of all your kitchen equipment.

80 litre water tank

80 L water tankFitted with this camper and kitchen also is a substantial 80 litre water tank which is made from the same material as the large water tanks you can buy for your home. You will get none of that yucky plastic hose taste so you have a full drinking tank and not just good for washing up

5 leaf shackle spring Suspension

suspensionThis spring system gives smooth operation and a much more comfortable ride, reducing wear and tear of your camper trailer. It is designed in such a way that replacement of any worn part (over time) is made easy as the suspension is easily accessible.


 Storage Box Diamond 'T' mounted on internal flanges

storage boxMeasuring a copious 1250 x 350h x 400d, this top quality lockable storage box will ensure nothing gets left behind. Complete with gas struts and a sturdy construction, you can trust these storage boxes to keep your gear safe and sound. It is mounted on heavy duty flanges so that your toolbox has a place to be mounted without drilling into the drawbar which would reduce its strength.




2 x 4.5kg LPG Holder

gas bottle holderDouble gas bottle holders give you the option of taking your own fuel with you , for those times you feel like bush camping.





2x Jerry Can Holder

jerry can holderBring extra jerry cans with you (for water or fuel) and you can camp out in the wild for longer, before having the need to join civilization.




LED lights with additional number plate light

LED plat number lightLED lights mounted on the rear gusset are long lasting and space saving, giving your trailer even more ground clearance. There is even an added light solely for your number plate.




Trailer Warranty – 24 Months

You know you're buying a top-quality camper trailer, when the manufacturer guarantees its superb functions for 24 months.


Trailer Cover and special inner cover

trailer coverThis trailer cover is designed for twice the height that you actually need to allow you to fit tables and chairs and other camping accessories under the cover allowing you to store more of what you want , without taking up precious internal trailer space. It also includes an additional special non-abrasive inner cover, so that those items don't rub, wear or catch on your tent. The trailer cover is made of high quality reinforced PVC, and is dust and waterproof for your peace of mind. Velcro and reinforced zippers along the entire length and width help keep your valuables safe and sound.


New black wheels and tyres

New black wheels and tyresAll emu campers come with brand new black wheels and tires which not only gives this camper the edge in safety but with the black tires and galvanised trailer, it looks even better.





Tent Features and Free Extras

2 minute quick erect tent

Two minutes is all the time you'll need to erect this roomy tent. Ideal for those who like to be on the move, this super fast construction allows you to set up camp, and pack up, in an absolute jiffy.

Tropical sunfly

sunflyThe sun-fly will help keep the sun out of the main bedroom area, while still allowing for the air to ventilate. This helps keep your tent nice and cool, even in those hot summer days.

Utilises the latest 440g/15oz canvas

440g/15oz canvasWhen only the best will do! Australian design, top quality canvas will ensure the life and state of your tent will remain in splendid condition for many years to come. The heavy duty canvas can withstand rain, heat and wind and will keep you, and your family, well protected.


Huge 2.6m ceiling height

2.6 ceiling heightThe extra head room is not only incredibly comfortable for the tall folks, but it also helps the air to circulate and keep the inside temperature of the tent at an acceptable level.

Designed to handle the hot and humid conditions of Queensland and the Tropic

quality mesh and canvasThe top quality canvas and mesh will keep out those pesky insects our tropical regions are so famous for. Not only that, the sturdy construction will withstand storms and strong winds, helping keep you safe and dry. The extra high tent will also starve off the heat and humidity, gifting you a comfortable and liveable home away from home.


Innerspring Mattress
innerspring mattressConsidering there's no greater pleasure in life than a good night sleep out in the bush, this trailer includes an innerspring mattress which measures a whopping 2130 x 1670 x 110mm!





Tent Layout

9ft Tent Layout


Tent Layout

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Shipping options
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      Upgrade to Family Hi Roof 12/18 Tent Upgrade to Quick Erect Family Hi Roof 12/18 Tent $500.00
      Keep your cool in every sense with this additional family tent. The high headroom allows for better air circulation, and the added room will also gift you some priceless space; especially handy when travelling with the extended family. Enjoy this addition to your camping family if more space is what you crave. Read More
      Brakes 12″ Disc ‘Over-ride Brakes 12″ Disc ‘Over-ride $850.00
      If safety is top on your priorities' list (as it should be!) then upgrade to these high quality 12" mechanic brakes to add that extra reliability when driving in any conditions.
      Boat Rack ‘H’ type Stand Off design Boat Rack ‘H’ type Stand Off design $525.00
      Tow your boat and your camper trailer at the same time, with the ingenious H rack. Mount it to your trailer and securely attach your boat on top. The most economical option of towing your boat along with your camper trailer, although this is only a suitable option for campers with small and lightweight boats.
      Jockey Wheel Upgrade to 10″ Swing-up Jockey Wheel Upgrade to 8″ Swing-up $99.00
      Priceless addition to any camper trailer, the jockey wheel will ensure that your trailer will remain balanced and secure, no matter where you've parked it, and makes for easier manhandling when the trailer is not attached to a vehicle.
      Mesh walls to ‘Tourer 9 QE’ Annex (inc. Std Walls) Mesh walls to ‘Tourer 9 QE’ Annex (inc. Std Walls) $395.00
      Keep your entire family free of insect bites and keep all pesky creatures out of your living space.
      Push Bike Mount Rear $97.00
      The added convenience of a rear bike mount allows you to take your beloved two-wheel toy along for the ride. Attach it securely and it will need not take any valuable space either in your trailer, or in your car.
      Rear Room for Family 12 HR Rear Room for Family 12 HR $565.00
      Add more living space with this great rear room, perfect for those last-minute camping guests, or for anyone wanting a little more breathing room. This addition to the already roomy Family Tent will allow to fit in a small tribe!
      Registration Queensland - Unbraked Camper Registration Queensland - Unbraked Camper $135.00
      Another brilliant option for all our Queensland based customers. Purchase your unbraked camper and give us the responsibility to register it for you, saving you valuable time.
      Registration Queensland - Braked Camper Registration Queensland - Braked Camper $210.00
      Another brilliant option for all our Queensland based customers. Purchase your braked camper and give us the responsibility to register it for you, saving you valuable time.
      Shock Absorbers Shock Absorbers $385.00
      Add extra suspension to your SUV camper trailer; not only will this reduce the wear and tear of your camper trailer but it will also gift you a much more comfortable towing ride.
      Stone Guard Supplied and Fitted Stone Guard Supplied and Fitted $395.00
      Keep your vehicle free from stone chips and scratches by adding a stone guard to your drawbar.
      Storage Box Diamond ‘T’ to suit Honda 2KVA generator Storage Box Diamond ‘T’ to suit Honda 2KVA generator $435.00
      Made to measure and fit a Honda 2KVA generator, this is the ideal optional storage box for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors away from civilisation and caravan parks. Take along your own generator and you can keep your electrical good running independently. The box boasts extra height to ensure a perfect fit.
      Storage Box Diamond ‘T’ Large ‘A Frame’ style Storage Box Diamond ‘T’ Large ‘A Frame’ style $665.00
      The KING of our storage box selection, this capacious storage box allows you even more invaluable space and safe transport of valuable items like your electrical goods, and also makes a great storage space for tools and spare parts. Take advantage of your purposely built drawbar and utilize the extra space.
      Sun Cover (Tropical Fly) to suit Family 12 Hi-Roof $235.00
      The inbuilt tropical sunroof allows for air ventilation while still keeping you safe from the harsh Australian sun, and provides constant shade to your bedroom area.
      Treg Off Road Hitch – (Off Road & Extreme only) Treg Off Road Hitch – (Off Road & Extreme only) $395.00
      A must for all off-road towing, the Treg off-road poly block hitch ensures that you and precious camper trailer never get separated...no matter how rough the terrain you're driving on! The unique 360 degree rotation makes maneuvering easy on all road surfaces.
      Water Tap S/S Pressure in lieu of Hand Pump $45.00
      Replace the standard hand pump with a stainless steel pressure pump and connect it directly with the water supply in camping grounds.
      Wheel Covers - Spoke Design (2 off) $70.00
      Add attractive wheel covers and make your camper look the part too!
      Rear Room for Tourer 9 QE $485.00
      A fantastic optional extra to our 9ft tourer tent is this invaluable rear room, perfect for storing camping gear out of the way, as a way for parents to have an en-suite or to keep young children, and even pets, close at hand.
      Stainless Steel Kitchen (Extreme & Off Road) Deluxe Stainless Steel Kitchen (Extreme & Off Road) $390.00
      The ultimate optional stainless steel kitchen, made from 304 grade s/s, designed for maximum functionality, ease of cleaning and hygiene. There are no bolts or screws on top and comes complete with 2 stainless steel drawers, lockable storage space and even hooks for your utensils or to hand your tea towels when cooking. Read More

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