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Seeking information on an area > Free/cheap camping grounds around TAS



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Posted : 12/20/2012 01:33:25 "Quote"

I'm not seeking information where to go in TAS but would love to share what I found. Thought you might want to check out these places for yourselves this weekend.


The views in Boat Harbour TAS are spectacular. You will see great beaches for swimming or lazing on. There are great bars and restaurants that you can drink and eat some of local produce. For fantastic walks and tours, visit its National parks, forestry or wildlife.

Estimated drive time is 20 minutes from West of Burnie (Wynyard).
Driving directions IF you’re from Wynyard TAS but you will still see signage pointing to Boat Harbour.
1.Head SW on Goldie Street or C240 toward Saunders Street. Continue to follow C240.
2.Turn left onto York Street.
3.Turn right onto Bass High Way or A2 (signs for Stanley/Smithton).


Dunalley has stunning beaches and always have great catches for the day. Good food from talented chefs. They have the sweetest fish, calamari, and chips. The campground is free at the back of Dunalley hotel. It’s a great place with lots of room but with no facilities yet.

The estimated time drive is 15 minutes from Marion Bay to Dunalley.
Driving directions to Dunalley IF you are from Marion Bay TAS. It’s half way between Port Arthur and Hobart.
1.Head NW on Bay Road.
2.Continue onto Marion Bay Road.
3.Sharp left onto Arthur High Way or A9 (signs for Dunalley/Port Arthur).


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Hi Karen.

By just reading your post and watching the pictures, indeed this can be a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Do you think kids would also love and enjoy the place? This is because i'll be bringing my kids if I am going to visit the place.


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I brought my kids with me and they love it. In Boat Harbour they were busy trying to catch small fishes and it’s fun to walk around. In Dunalley, they have a playroom at the Waterfront Café. I love its seafood pies and those generous sized meals taste fantastic. In fact, I have complimented the chef twice.

It’s great to have you here Ed. Why don’t you share some photos of the places where you have been to and make this a crowded place. Where are you heading to this weekend?