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Posted : 08/27/2012 21:24:11 "Quote"

1. This forum is meant to be an informative, informal and yet enjoyable for you to express yourself.

2. Feel free to share your experiences and relevant knowledge all about Camper Trailers, camping, etc.

3. Keep threads on topic, the person who started the thread, administrators or moderators have the right and responsibility to ask for the thread to be brought back to topic if they feel it has digressed.

4. Respect the integrity of www.mycampertrailer.com.au/forum.php and your fellow forum users.

5. Be at all times courteous to your fellow campers/members, respect the intent of the administrators and moderators, and employ common sense wherever possible.

6. Let’s maintain a high standard of information posted relevant to the forum.

7. Spamming of any kind will not be tolerated.

8. No bullies allowed.

9. Any abusive, offensive or misleading posts may be deleted and users guilty of such will be banned.

10. If you have any concerns posted in this forum by others members, please notify the Administrator all at once.

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